Bon Appetit 

A celebration of the French way of life - shot on location in Simorre, in the south of France, in 2014. Filmed by Lionel Brouet.  Bon app├ętit!

Factory Farm 

Singing the organic truth at my CD Release Concert at Palm Loft Gallery in Carpinteria. With Mark Alciati on percussion, Rebecca Troon on harmony vocals, and Tom Lee on bass.

North Hampton Road 

Singing one of my "whistling" songs at my CD Release Concert at Palm Loft Gallery (for my fourth album, "Can't Fix Crazy") with Rebecca Troon on banjo and harmony vocals and Tom Lee on bass.

Trouble with a Wanted Man 

Playing at Fireside Concerts with John O'Kennedy on lead guitar, Lark Cobb on harmony vocals and percussion, and Gary Lynch on bass.


Jackie Morris

Intended as a humorous recollection of a really horrible year, "The Year 2020" recalls my way of trying to make lemonade out of lemons. The lyrics are actually true...and after I wrote the song, I realized how compulsive this scary time made me! But I also know that I was not alone! So many of us were spurred on to repair what had been neglected when life was "normal."

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