1. Autumn Song

From the recording Periscope Heart

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Closing up the shutters
Suitcase in the car
Taking one last look around
What’s here will soon be far
Snapping one more photo
Of the bridge over the pond
Autumn chill is in the air
It’s time for moving on.
And the wind in the trees
Makes the red and gold leaves wave goodbye.
They whisper sweet nothings
I watch as they flutter and fly.
And I never can shake it
Though year after year I still try
The breath-taking beauty of autumn
Makes me want to cry.
Heading to the airport
Following the sun
Home to California
Seems we’re always on the run.
Still my heart would stay here longer
Though I’m shivering like a leaf
It’s the siren song of Autumn--
That old love song of a thief.
Whistling outro
And the wind in the trees
Makes the red and gold leaves wave goodbye. 


Jackie Morris

Intended as a humorous recollection of a really horrible year, "The Year 2020" recalls my way of trying to make lemonade out of lemons. The lyrics are actually true...and after I wrote the song, I realized how compulsive this scary time made me! But I also know that I was not alone! So many of us were spurred on to repair what had been neglected when life was "normal."

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