praise for periscope heart

Sweetness, lightness, kindness, gentility, joy, love. Boy howdy, we sure could use a little of that stuff these days. When it seems all the news is bad and every jangled headline serves only to drive us ever deeper into despair, I often feel like Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant when he screeched, “Does anybody remember laughter?” Fortunately for us, Jackie Morris not only remembers, but holds an abundance of laughter, love and joy in her heart which she deftly shares with us in her fifth studio album, Periscope Heart.... Morris’ song-craft is strong, insightful and poetic. ... And it bears mentioning that Morris is indeed keeper of the flame of the lost art of melodic whistling.... Highly recommended.  ” - Steve Werner

5 STARS. Jackie Morris has created a fantastic fifth CD.  The entertainment value is sky-high, the musicians in top form, the songs are well written with a sense of style and maturity, and the vocals are spot-on, with a dash of warmth and humour ... A wonderful album for anyone into the area where Americana nudges folk, this is a must buy." ” - Paul Riley

— Country Music People *****

The opening salvo on Morris’s latest grabs you right away as you wrap your head around how this sounds like her take on Lenny’s “I’m Your Man” comeback.  And then the whimsy, friendliness and organic touches settle in and take over, letting you have your cake and eat it too.  One of the sharpest folkie singer/songwriters keeps her winning ways in tact, while continuing to hone her edge, as she observes the world through a world view and reports back on what she’s found.  Tasty stuff of the highest order, this is kind of solid set that will inspire manques to think it’s as easy as Morris makes it sound.  Top shelf all the way.” - Chris Spector

— Midwest Record

Yes, that wonderful voice and the powerful whistle. Pretty cool stuff." ” - John W. McClure (singer/songwriter & music critic, Victory Magazine)
Congratulations on Periscope Heart - Jackie, you just keep getting more interesting and more daring. I love hearing you trying new rhythms, and an even broader expanse of topics, and touching on a little jazz & blues, all with that disarming and forever-young way you navigate life. You sound like a woman at ease with herself and her life, someone who dares to be happy and can’t help telling the world.” - Hal Miller, jazz critic, drummer, and co-author of CARLOS SANTANA, The Universal Tone