1. Apache

From the recording Money to Burn

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On the day she found Apache
Carol recognized her own
She was a tall blond with a black belt
He was a handsome big red roan.
So she paid eight hundred dollars
For that twenty-year-old horse
Friends told her she was crazy
But we were wrong, of course.

She’d say, “Apache, old Apache
Who knows the ties that bind?
From the moment that I saw him
I knew that horse could read my mind.”

Now Apache was a wild one
With a strange uneven gait
He would do a fancy sidestep
Instead of walking straight
But she barely had to reign him
Or prod him with her knee
She’d just think of the direction
And Apache would agree.


No one else could ever ride him
That crazy Appaloosa roan!
But when Carol was astride him
He’d always bring her safely home
Safely home.

But then there came that summer
Carol had to go away
She boarded old Apache
For 8 months and a day
And when she came to get him
She might as well have known
That horse would not forgive her
For leaving him alone.

So she put him out to pasture
Where the ancient oak trees grew
And by the time he left this green earth
He was nearly 42!
But before he went to lay down
He came to her back door
I guess he finally forgave her
After giving her what for!