praise for can't fix crazy

JACKIE MORRIS/Can’t Fix Crazy: Wow! Despite the album title, this isn’t a comedy record. This is a folk/Americana record that is so perfect and beautiful that you have to play it a few times to be sure you heard what you thought you heard. A bar raising effort from a talent whose name should be one everyone’s lips, this is one killer of a high water mark for folkie/singer-songwriter/acoustic music. A top shelf winner throughout, Morris is charming, warm and such a wonderful writer that driving around with this in the car can easily replace hanging at Starbucks with a pal. Killer stuff throughout.” - Chris Spector

Midwest Record

Jackie Morris has such a warm, engaging voice. She could probably record almost any song and it would be entertaining. She is another singer who should be much better known, and with her new CD this seems highly likely.” - Paul Riley

— Country Music People

Outstanding listening...charming...witty and cynically humorous.” - Carl Gage


Every song is a jewel. Her pretty, clear voice and remarkable vibrato whistling bring out the imaginative lyrics. Add to that her wonderful backup band and harmony singers, and I have to say, this is my favorite Jackie CD so far! The tracks are a perfect mix of humorous songs, pensive tunes and sweet songs that touch the heart. ” - Renata Decher

— The Bard Chord

Jackie Morris has a new CD, just out. She is a treasure who should be nationally famous.” - Larry Wines

Acoustic Americana Music Guide

Jackie Morris doesn’t sound like anyone else I’ve heard. Her voice is soft and warm and she seems to be smiling through the delivery... the perfect medium to deliver some clever, punchy lyrics. ... (She) has a great whistle too. These songs are well thought out, with the right words in the right places. This is acoustic country with some of the best side musicians around, with arrangements to die for.... You could buy this set of songs just to enjoy the instrumentation, but soon you’ll get captured by the lyrics, the voice, the whistle—and I recommend it. -- J.W. McClure, writer, singer, and music critic (for Victory Music)” - J.W.McClure, writer, singer & music critic (Victory Music)
CAN'T FIX CRAZY is definitely a winner...such an engaging blend of life stories, insinuating melodies, and truly memorable songs, all delivered by Jackie Morris, a story teller supreme.” - Hal Miller, jazz historian, drummer, and Latin percussionist with Santana
A great CD...(the) songs are insightful and beautifully written. And the production is wonderful.” - Joyce Woodson, winner, Will Rogers Academy of Western Artists "Best Female Performer"
What a delightful CD. So glad I could be a part of it.” - David West, multi-instrumentalist, formerly with Kate Worl and Chache Valley Drifters, with over 60 albums to his credit