1. Golden Girl

From the recording Tell Me a Story

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Golden girl, they said you had it all
But I knew better
I was a lot like you
And when the time came
And you took that fall
I was there
Yeah, I’ve done that, too.

You were climbing that endless ladder
Higher and higher, sadder and sadder…
But you keep trying, you keep trying
Sure you do
You keep trying, no denying that it’s true
Hoping that your hope will see you through
And that someday love will come to you.

Golden girl, you do not know it now
But someday soon, you’ll have tales to tell
Of how you found it -- your heart’s desire
In the wreckage of a golden shell.

You were out there climbing when times got tough
Still the voices in your head kept saying, “Not good enough”…
So you keep trying, you keep trying
Sure you do
You keep trying, you keep trying, I do too
Hoping that someday you’ll see it’s true
The love you seek is here….inside of you


Jackie Morris

Intended as a humorous recollection of a really horrible year, "The Year 2020" recalls my way of trying to make lemonade out of lemons. The lyrics are actually true...and after I wrote the song, I realized how compulsive this scary time made me! But I also know that I was not alone! So many of us were spurred on to repair what had been neglected when life was "normal."

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