1. The Year 2020

From the recording THE YEAR 2020


THE YEAR 2020 by Jackie Morris

In the year 2020 when fear ruled the land
And pandemic filled us with gloom
There was nowhere to go so I took to my bed
And I stared at the walls of my room

But the walls held no comfort, they were dingy and old
A sickly, yellowish green
After 20 long years of hating that hue
I decided to change up my scene

So I scrubbed and I scraped
I sanded and taped
Then we put on a coat of new paint
A robin's egg blue
It was beautiful!
I was happy ... for one day or two.

But then came the night when I turned on the light
As I opened our old bathroom door
The paint was all peeling
There was mold on the ceiling
Why hadn't I noticed before?

So I scrubbed and I scraped
I spayed and I taped
Then we put on a coat of new paint
A bright sunny yellow...
It was better than new!
I was happy ... for one day or two.

But yes, there was more
When I looked at the floor
The wood that had once been so fine
After 20 long years of dogs and disasters
My hardwood had lost all its shine.

So I washed and I scrubbed
And I waxed and I rubbed --
Three times! -- until that wood glowed.
Then we painted the baseboards and -- once again! --
But by now, you know how this goes!

In the year 2020, we painted the fence
We washed all the windows and doors
We cleaned out the closets, we cleaned the garage
Then we painted the office
And put in new floors...

Now they say that next year will be better
I can't wait to start having fun
But sometimes I wonder
When I look at those paint cans
if the kitchen will ever get done!


Jackie Morris

Intended as a humorous recollection of a really horrible year, "The Year 2020" recalls my way of trying to make lemonade out of lemons. The lyrics are actually true...and after I wrote the song, I realized how compulsive this scary time made me! But I also know that I was not alone! So many of us were spurred on to repair what had been neglected when life was "normal."

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